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The Spare Our Planet initiative is a student created and lead sustainble living practice contest designed to increase awareness of climate change and promote the use of biking, walking, public transportation, and carpooling, and reduce your school community’s environmental impact.

Our objective is to promote personal behavior alternatives to carbon-intense consumption and lifestyle habits, to provide young people a voice, and empower them to play a significant role in developing climate change solutions.

Beyond reduction of CO2 emissions that will accrue as a result of the enactment of this initiative, we will achieve co-benefits such as:

  • student-to-home education that encourages action at home or in the community;
  • reduction in school-related vehicle travel (field trips, sports “away” games, etc.)
  • incentives for young people to walk, ride bikes, take public transportation, carpool, to school instead of driving or being driven;
  • innovative peer-to-peer education

TOTAL IMPACT: 29516.1 lbs of CO2 reduced!

  • Week of Jan 09, 2012 4795.4 pounds of CO2
  • Week of Jan 16, 2012 6428.9 pounds of CO2
  • Week of Jan 23, 2012 5057.3 pounds of CO2
  • Week of Jan 30, 2012 7720.1 pounds of CO2

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